There’s a Panther in my Bed

There’s a Panther in my Bed

“There’s a panther in my bed” – here’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d ever say. In my adult life.

My panther was given to me by Michael in March, last time we saw each other. We had talked about stuffed animals and the dd/lg aspect. And I believe I said that although I’d like a stuffed animal, it was not related to the dd/lg aspect of our relationship. And as he gave me the panther, I saw it as a present given by him, not as anything kinky.
Btw, I asked Michael why he got me a panther. And it turns out I told him that’s my favourite animal.

So, I have a panther in my bed. As you can see in the picture, he is wearing my collar (bracelet). I did something to my wrist and needed a bandage, so the bracelet needed to get off for a bit. But I was feeling weird and a little bit naked without it. So I took the bracelet to bed with me and had the panther look after it for me.

I never had a kinky associaton with teddy bears or any other kind of plushies. I had plenty of stuffed animals as a kid, but even back then, most of them didn’t have names.


Several of my stuffed animals had a lot to do with my sexuality. As I have mentioned before, I only learned how to have am orgasm by using my fingers, when I was in my twenties. I also remember the first time I used a vibrator. I was 24. It blew my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty orgasms before. Whenever a mn was connected to it, it usually involved his tongue. And then of course the two famous orgasms where I came by penetration alone.

What did I do before I learned how to do what?

That is where my stuffed animals come in. I would one of the stuffed animals that had proven to be successful, lock them between my legs, so that they would rub clit, lie on my stomach and move my hips up at down. Basically grind my clit against the animal until I reached my orgasm.

Later they were replaced by pillows. But I fondly think back at those times. As I was thinking about it, I wondered whether I should give it another try. And I still have an orgasm to have today. And where better than in my old room in my parents flat?

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  1. Bee

    I also share my bed quite often with my black panther. She lands on us when the light goes out, usually scrabbling with claws where you don’t want them before flopping against you so hard she almost knocks the wind out of you. Then the rumble purrs away until something distracts her and then she uses you as a bathroom and slurps as she washes.

    Having a panther sleep with you is a lovely thing.

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