Crossing Legs

Crossing Legs

I’m not a big fan of legs. I mean, I am very happy to have legs and appreciate them. But I never felt that legs were one of the sexy part of someone’s body. Maybe not the least sexy, but they usually don’t catch my attention.

Of course, every now and then, a pair of legs come along and you can’t help yourself, but look. Those are normally paired with a hot woman and most likely with some amazing high heels. And now my mind is going into a very different direction.

As I was taking the picture for this post and played around with filters and other handy tricks my phone allows me to do, I kept looking at my legs in said picture and I had to admit – not too bad.

When it comes to my legs, I’m not just happy they allow me to walk and all the other amazing stuff. The thought of wrapping my legs around him as he fucks me, is delicious.

I love having my legs touched, in any way. Gently stroking them, while on the couch watching a movie. Or feeling his hand slowly finding its way up my skirt.

I love it, when my thighs are being squeezed. Over and over. Until bruises appear. I remember having a date with the Captain. We were driving back into the city, so he could drop me off. But we happened to get into a traffic jam and not a lot of driving was done. He started getting annoyed and decided to play with my thighs. Needless to say that once I was home, you could see how much he disliked being in the traffic jam and how much he enjoyed using my thighs to relax.

And sometimes it’s not about the legs. They just happen to be there or in the way of things. After Michael mentioned something in a bit of a dirty conversation, I remembered a rule I used to have.

Don’t cross your legs.

Never. No matter, whether I’m around or not. I always want access or the possibility of it. I recall how hot and exciting I thought it was. And when hearing something very similar again, it definitely aroused me.

Maybe other people’s legs are not what catches my attention, but my own legs are much more involved in my sex life than I thought.

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