Weights and Running

Weights and Running

I had a friend who would go for a run each morning. Whenever it wasn’t possible for whatever reason, she was cranky. I asked her about that and she explained to me that she was missing the run.
Now, I’m not saying that I hate sports all together, but going for a run is not what I prefer to do in the morning. Especially when the other option is to sleep a bit longer. And jogging, aka running for the run-part and not to get somewhere, isn’t something I see myself doing. But I read up on it and it seems that there are endorphins released and indeed you feel happy.

I know that to be true. It is a wonderful feeling. It’s just the motivation to actually start doing something that seems to be the problem for me. In theory I am highly motivated and can’t wait to work out in any way that I want. But then something distracts me. Something really important. Like Twitter or sitting on the couch.

I understand that exercise is good for me. It keeps me fit, is healthy and so on. Yet, I always found it hard to force myself to do any.

I had been talking with Michael about it, several months ago. And he made it a task. We talked about what I would do and after a while we changed it. Just recently we had to adjust again, as I had pain in my wrist and couldn’t do anything that would put any weight on my wrist.

Having exercise as a task makes it easier for me to not find excuses, but to actually get over myself and do it. And thinking about the past few months, I might ask him to adjust again.

Eventhough I rarely exercised on a regular level, I still would walk to meeting or to meet friends. I’d be out of the house more, do more things. Now I walk to the office and back home. Which is about a 5 minute walk. I stay home in the evenings, I don’t run events and run around at the events.

I have realised that I miss all that. For many, many reasons. And one of them, because that is my way of exercising. And after trying in a dress fom last year and not really seeing myself wearing it outside, I stepped on the scales and did not like what I saw.

I as said, I will talk to him and find something to do as an exercise – when the heat is over (yeah, excuses). And even more likely, he will talk to me after reading this.

I never saw exercise as a kink for me. But making a connection to my submission definitely has a kinky aspect.

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  1. Yes, right there with you! so many people talk about all the ways they “trick” themselves to work out and all the things we need to know. I know all the things. It is the motivation to do all the things that I need!

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