Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Right as I read about Violet’s idea for the #BlogDaysOfSummer, I knew I wanted to participate. There are weeks and months I wrote more often and there are those where weeks can go by and I am lucky to write one post. So the idea of trying to post something every days was exciting.

How exciting?

I made a plan. Which other prompts are out there, in which I participate? Which one is weekly? Which bi-weekly? What are other idea I might have?

I have not only decided up other prompts, I have made an excel spreadsheet and a list, with dates and what I will write and publish each day. Yeah, I might like lists. I even colour-coded it. Each prompt and type of post has its own colour.

Already now I have posted more pics than usual and even managed to write a story. By now I have more ideas than days in August and I remember how much in enjoy writing. And how well I write under a little bit of pressure.

I had all kinds of sexy ideas. Pictures and stories and memories of our time together in July. And some deeper posts with thought on kink and d/s. But today has been a bit of a hard days for me.

I am very hot and I don’t deal with heat very well. I don’t get nearly as much done as I’d like to. I have back pain, which will soon result into me taking very strong medication. I know it’ll help. My family was a bit irritating over the weekend. People are driving me nuts. And I received a message that was a bit scary.

I know it will all pass. Some things earlier, some later. I will take another shower and will cool down. The medicine will make me feel really good and the pain will disappear by tomorrow. I will catch up on things and work and will resolve that other issue.

But today has not been a day on which I felt like posting anything. Especially nothing sexy or exciting. But that too is part of the #BlogDaysOfSummer. So I have decided to manage to link up even today. Although the post might not be the way I’d want it to be, but it is part of me and my Summer days of Blogging.

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