Sir yes Sir

Sir yes Sir

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When we spent our days together in July, I was doing some reading and idea searching on what others say about BDSM and d/s. I have mentioned that before and the next #NoTrueWay meme will be inspired by my reading as well.
One of the topics I was reading about was how to speak as a submissive. I found that very interesting. And quite amusing. But that might be something for a separate post.

There were several article on different topics. How to approach a dominant, how to answer the door or phone and so on. One was on how to respond to a question or task in a positive way. Besides explaining to how to speak and so on there were also examples. And one jumped right out.
“Sir yes Sir”

Oh, I loved that one. I couldn’t stop giggling and could really see myself saluting while saying that. Oh and I had so many wonderful moments where I could’ve said it. I pointed that out to him and he encouraged me to do it.
But in that very specific way: “Yes, do that. Let’s see how that goes.”

We all know that’s just a as saying: “You mouth shouldn’t be bigger than the spanking you’ll be taking for that.”
As surprising as it is to all us you and Michael, I do sometimes know how to keep my mouth shut and not push it. And I had been doing a lot of that for most of the days we were together. And quite often when we are apart.
I distinctively remember one moment while we were lying in bed togehter and I hand my hand over my mouth, just to make sure that the words would stay in my head and will not slip out.

I don’t remember any of those. But the “Sir yes Sir” stuck with me. It is so close to my normal repsonse to a task, when I sa y”Yes Sir”. And of course there is that little move I see myself doing, saluting as I say it.

I know that one day I won’t be to contain myself. The only question ist, whether it’ll be online or in person.
And yes, a part of me wants to know what will happen, once I say it, while saluting.

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