A Day of Servitude

A Day of Servitude

We had talked about a Day of Service before. A day, when I would serve him. In all kinds of ways. He would ask me what I’d do. But I had no answer for him, because I couldn’t image what it was that was asked of me.

We were lying in bed on one of the first evenings together and he asked me to pick a day for Mean Day and another day for my Day of Service. I considered the options and decided to have Mean Day on Thursday and the Day of Service on Sunday.

As the day approached, we talked more about it and my head started to do that thing I love doing. Overthinking and getting worked up. Usually I do that for no reason at all. Just like that time. We talked and I finally understood what he wanted of me.

A day where I would anticipate what he might like and just do it. Once I got it, I calmed down a bit and even came up with a few ideas.

Just as he pays attention to what I say, crave, and want, I do too. I know the way he likes his coffee. I had noticed how he had his bagel and so on. I offered all those little things throughout the day. Most of them were non-sexual, and that was the point. Our d/s is not just about sex, it’s about all of us. Both of us.

For most of the days we spend together, he prepared the food. But I remembered him craving a certain place he wanted to visit for a meal. So I ordered dinner from there and surprised him.

All in all, most of the things I did were things I would’ve done anyway. Offering to make him coffee while he worked. Surprise him with said dinner. Wash him in the shower and dry him off, as I have written about before.

I was particularly proud of my behaviour that day. I managed to be less of a smartass and almost not talk back. I believe he noticed and remarked on it at some point during the day. I like to think I did pretty well, in that regard. But fear not, I went back to the back-talking, smartassy, sassy Lilly I normally am the very next day.

As I said before, it wasn’t a hard day for me. It didn’t take a lot of emotional strength from me, I didn’t drop afterwards, as I might do after a Mean Day or a kink moment. Doing something for a person I love is not a burden for me. Seeing the gratitude in his eyes only made it easier. And after the shopping, cooking and washing up he’d been doing, since we arrived, it only felt fair. Mind you, while doing all those things, he also had to deal with my remarks on how to do things better.

As my Day of Service was coming to an end, I had that one thought. I didn’t share it though when we talked about how we felt about the day afterwards.

Just as I enjoy giving and specifically enjoyed it on that day, so does he. He liked cooking for me. Making all those things we had talked about. I said it before: He’s my Service Dom.

So my thought? He needed that day. He needed to feel taken care of, and cared for. In a more direct way than I usually can do.

I know our Day of Service will happen again. And it probably will not only happen because he tells me to, but because I demand it. Because I believe he needs that day more than he might admit.

Btw, he has written about that day.

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