Look at Me

Look at Me

Last summer I had a date. Although I had high hopes for that guy and the date went well, in the end, it didn’t work out. Obviously.

As he and I were getting to know each other and sitting in a lovely restaurant, enjoying a drink, we got to talk about my blog. I had it in bio on the dating site and he spend some time reading it. There was that one thing he said that stayed in my mind:

You’re an exhibitionist.

I never thought of myself that way. I mean, I do enjoy getting those special kind of looks, from people. I have dresses that drwlaw attention to me. Mostly they are red. But I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist.

As iI kept thinking about his words, I remember going to a club with my first Dom. Besides all the things that happened there, one moment came to mind. At some point we went into that room and closed the door. But the door had windows and while I played with myself, people watched and that got me really hot.

I guess, I like being watched. To he perfectly honest, I knew that. Often enough I fantasised about being watched, hearing others comment on what I do or be inspired by it, does something to me.

But it has to be the right setting. As mentioned in the intro for Kink of the Week: consenual exhibitionism. I don’t enjoy even the slightest possibility of showing more of myself than I have to or feel comfortable with. Punishments like “no panties” are not always enjoyable to me. (Yes, I do get the point of punishments.)

Coming back to what the guy said past summer. Does my blog make me an exhibitionist? I never thought of it that way. But the more I think about it, the more I see what he was saying. Besides the picture I post here, which obviously fall into that category, I also share other parts of myself.

This blog is a place for me to share thoughts, ideas, fantasies that don’t have any place in my local life or only little fractions of it. Some posts allow the readers to look deep into my heart, my soul, my brain.

I guess I am an exhibitionist, on many levels.

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