I had plans…

I had plans…

…to be honest, it feels like pretty much everything about the year 2020 could start with the words “I had plans”.

I had plans for today. Several ideas. And after some consideration, I had the perfect plan. Well, and then a stupid huge online platform, where you can order pretty much anything and have it delivered, has been a pain in the ass. So my plan fell through and there wasn’t really much time to go back to any of my other plans.

But as I sit here and write that, I realise that maybe it’s not the worst thing. Maybe it’s perfect just the way it is. Because you know what? I had plans….

I had written about it before, but still, sometimes I can’t believe how things worked out. Today a year ago, I was planning several things. It was a Wednesday evening. I was in bed and looking forward to my weekend. I was off to visit my parents and my grandmother, who had a special birthday. Because of lucky circumstances, I was planned to stay at a hotel, all by myself. I really was looking forward to that. Some times to myself. Some reading. some time WITH myself. You get the idea. F, formally known as The Captain, and I had been in contact and I had spend a night with him and the girlfriend two weeks prior. I had suggested that I’d take a bigger hotel room and we could spend the nights together. As I said, I had plans…

…and because communication is important, but doesn’t always work the way we want it to, there was a misunderstanding. He and I were talking about different weekends and it turned out that he couldn’t spend the night with me. Or he could. I don’t really remember. But that’s not important. The point is that I knew I’d be all on my own.

A year ago today, in the evening, I was lying in bed. I for sure was reading through Twitter. Knowing that, means I wasn’t chatting with any potential dominant person or F. I had no plans for that night, but still I had plans…

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

John Lennon

Ain’t that true?!

I had plans, ideas, dreams about the next few months. I never thought about where I’d be in a year. Not in that context. So, what happened to my plans?

As I mentioned, I was scrolling through Twitter and came across a tweet. And two words changed my life. I saw a tweet and replied:

That reply lead to a DM exchange, which lead to WhatsApp, and instead of playing in my hotel room, I chatted. And as I was leaving the town my parents live in, I found myself texting him that I am about to start driving. And then I texted him, when I arrived at home.

I had plans…

…and then I replied to a tweet. And now, I get to make many, many more new plans. Together with him.

I love you Michael

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