Kneel for me

Kneel for me


A profound act of devotion

The beginning of submission

The surest way to get my attention

I’m sure I’m not the only one. Don’t many of us have that image of a kneeling submissive in our head? The sub is kneeling, the dom is sitting in a chair or standing on front of the sub. Or next to the sub, with their hands on sub’s head, petting them.

And it’s an image I keep having. And I use it when talking to Sir. I like telling him that I can’t wait to kneel in front of him again. Offer myself to him, again.

Over the weekend I had some time to think about my own prompt. Talking to Sir on Friday morning also helped.

I tried to count the times I kneeled for him. And I couldn’t. Not because it were that many and not because we are in a LDR.

I know I kneeled when we were together. Yet, most times, it was because of the circumstances, while taking his cock in my mouth, or something similar. It hasn’t been the act itself.

While we are apart, it can be different. There was one day, when he was in a not so good mood and I sent him a picture of me kneeling. And thinking back, it did help. Every now and then, he asks or tells me to kneel. So maybe it does play a bigger role for him than it does for me. Or also a bigger role than he’d like to admit.

As I said, I had some time to think. And I remembered our conversations before meeting for the first time. I know that there was the image of me kneeling, while offering myself to him. And also the idea of simply kneeling and feeling submissive and owned.

What happened? We were in our bed&no breakfast and he took out my collar (bracelet). There was no kneeling, as he put it on. I was standing in front of him. I was smiling, my head held high, looking into his eyes. From more or less the same height. Kneeling was not necessary. What for?

As I was thinking back on that first day/evening together, I realised the first kneeling that happened that night.

I was wearing my collar, I belonged to him. And before head out for a dinner, that turned out to be very questionable, it happened.

I laid down on the bed, with my legs spread and he kneeled in front of me and gave me my first orgasm.

Him kneeling didn’t make him less dominant or me less submissive. It simply fit perfect into our d/s.

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