These Lips are Made for…

These Lips are Made for…

My grandmother would never leave the house without lipstick. No matter where she is going or for how long she is out, lipstick is always applied. Even now, when she’s more than 90 years old.

When I was a child and sometimes stayed with my grandparents, I’d wait for her to get ready and would beg her to also be allowed to use lipstick. It looked so classy. She always allowed me to use it and I felt amazing. Now I realise that she’d turn the lipstick around and I would apply nothing on my lips. Neat trick granny…

As I grew older, I’d experiment with different lipsticks, different colours and all. But somehow lipstick is nothing that stuck with me. It seemed like a pain in the ass, because every few hours you have apply it again. Even more often, if you’re having meals throughout the day.

I feel overdressed when putting lipstick on, on a normal day. I mean, I don’t wear mascara every day, so lipstick feels a bit like overdoing it.

I have friends who wear lipstick every day and right now even they don’t see a reason to do so. Best outcome is that the masks get full of it on the inside. Worst: the lipstick is all over one’s face.

That last part brings me to a different thought though. While in the professional world or normal, daily life, smeared lipstick is not what should happen, there’s something about it when it comes to sex.

I find nice red lips very sensual and hot and sexy. But what really gets my attention is seeing those lips after kissing, making out, sucking cock. The lips, which minutes ago, looked all nice and perfect, now tell a story. Seeing the smears and wonder what happened in between. That is hot.

Another very hot image is that of lips with lipstick and a cock between those lips.

Thanks to Michael I got to actually have a picture like that, so enjoy.

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