Explain the World

Explain the World


While the so called “femdom” is just a sick roleplaying fetish for weak manginas and penis-envious feminists, but Maledom is just the natural and healthy law of human nature, which determines that Male is the Superior sex.

I remember reading this in the summer. I was looking through a Twitter profile of a very serious, very manly, very domly dom. *note the sarcasm*

He had retweeted all kinds of insights about how d/s and power exchange work and what is right. Needless to say, the things he had to say or the opinions he shared were somewhere close to the quote above.

I don’t even know where to start with the thought expressed here. Sadly, I don’t know many dominant woman. Dominant in a BDSM context, not in daily life. There I know plenty. Anyhow, even if I didn’t know one, it is clear what kind of bullshit that opinion is.

It’s simply the same stupidity as usual, but within BDSM. How is it healthy and natural that a man is superior? How does being penis-enabled make that person better?

The more I think about this prompt, the more I see how many groups of people are offended by it. Basically everyone.

What are my thoughts on that?

I am a submissive woman. Just other day I enjoyed kneeling in front of my dominant partner, who happens to be a man. I love serving him, being called names by him, being spanked and spit on and and and. However, I did not submit to him because he’s a man and oh so dominant. I enjoy doing all those things because we are equals and that is the reason our dynamics work.

The idea that a woman could not be dominant and that it’s somehow unnatural simply astonishes me and the logic escapes me.

I saw people react to this prompt with laughter and that definitely was one of my first reactions, after rolling my eyes and before shaking my head. But I believe that opinions like that need to be addressed and talked about. Saying that someone who RTs something like that is stupid, is true. At the same time, it can also be dangerous to do nothing and leave those things uncommented.

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