Wearing Pearls

Wearing Pearls

Never Have I Ever…

…worn out in the world, what I was yesterday.

I have written about these panties. For that post I put them on and took a picture. When I went to see Michael in October, one of the tasks for Mean Day™ was to wear these panties all day. Just them.

But I still hadn’t worn them on a normal day, doing normal things.

How did it feel?

I can’t be sure whether I was aware of wearing them because I was simply wearing them or because they felt so much different. I know I could feel them during driving in my car, depending on the paving. That was fun and made me smile.

What I liked was that I knew I was wearing them. It was my little secret. I like knowing something no one else in the room knows.

Also, never have I ever used that filter for a picture.

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  1. Wearing something like this would likely make me hyper aware of that area of my body…which is a big factor in wearing them. The second benefit, of course, is donning them for another’s pleasure. I’m definitely intrigued by these, and may have to get myself a pair.

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