Combining Juices

Combining Juices

Never Have I Ever….

…worn these panties this way.

We have already seen the panties. I had worn then and brought them along when Michael and I met. In the summer he brought it along with him, because they needed to be re-Lilly-ed. So I had worn them again, while we were together and off they went to the UK.

In October I was presented with them again. “do they need re-Lilly-ing again?” I asked. He smiled and then I saw it. He had come on the panties, the cum still visible.

So I took them home and today I put them on. There was no movement or anything to make me aware of their presence, unlike with the pearl panties.

But I knew they were there. All day I was aware that everytime I felt the fabric I also felt his cum.

Never had I worn panties with a man’s cum in them. But I did another Never Have I Ever. After I finally came home, I took some time for myself and made myself cum, while still wearing them. Combining our juices.

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