Breathe in – Breathe out

Breathe in – Breathe out

Never Have I Ever…

…been so thankful to be into d/s.

I was having some pain. In my wrist and back. For a while. I finally went to an orthopaedics. Long storey short, I needed different kinds of treatment. One was acupuncture, but more about that tomorrow, probably.

For one of the treatments I had to lay down on my stomach. The woman treating me told me that said that she would bit of a thud would happen and it might hurt. Yeah, I can take it I thought.

She started and it was alright. She increased and after a bit I felt a bit sensation. Not necessarily a good feeling. I couldn’t wiggle away. I knew I had to get throught it. My mind wondered off and I tried to find a way to cope.

S when it happened. I remembered the word Michael says to me so often. “Breathe!”

I tend to stop breathing when receiving pain. I have no idea why. Once I concentrate on breathing the pain because less and fades away almost.

That is what I did that day. I breathed and tried my best to keep my mind there. That was the moment I smiled and the thought came to mind. I can use the things I learn about myself in d/s in my daily life.

The pain kept coming, but I kept hearing his voice reminding me to breathe.

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