It’s payback time

It’s payback time

Never Have I Ever…

…taken revenge on someone.

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind…” – Mahatma Gandhi

An eye for an eye…. That is the biblical idea of revenge. To have the other person have the same thing happen to them as they did to you. I’m wondering whether that could ever work. How can you do the exact same thing as was done to you? And even if you did. The effect an action has on you might be totally different from the effect it has on someine else.

We react to things differently. Something that feels like a punishment for you, might be a reward for the next person. For example, spanking. You see where I’m going with that.

But revenge is usually not about doing the same thing, but making the other person feel just as bad as you felt. That I can relate to. It is a way to cope with the pain.

It’s not nice, but being nice is not what I’m looking for when I’m hurt. Yet, I have never actively taken action to make the person, that made me feel that way, hurt.

Because I know that once the pain begins to fade, I would feel bad about hurting someone on purpose.

But between us. While I’d never take revenge, I have to admit that seeing someon, who hurt me badly, also hurting from something unrelated – not done by me – does make me smile.

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