Never Have I Ever…

…done a workshop via zoom.

In some of the jobs I had, a crucial part was me talking on front of people educating them about something. Sometimes it were workshops, sometimes discussions or a monologue.

Saying that is very funny to me, because I was an extremely shy child and my face would always turn red when all the attention was on me. But even then, I craved that. I wanted to stand in front of people and have them listen to me.

So, for a few years now, in different jobs I actually got to do just that.

With the virus upon the world, all that became different. There still were some smaller events, but I couldn’t do the things I love doing. And that is where technology comes in. So many of meeting that should’ve been done in person were moved to a digital platform. I have been part of some, I have moderated others, but up until this month, I have never been the one giving a presentation or doing a workshop.

That all changed and I have to admit, I found it very weird. Besides making sure that all the tech stuff works (which includes panicked calls to Michael), it’s always a challenge to have the participants battle with technology.

But what I missed the most was to actually be in the same room with the others. See their reaction, even when it’s only a little smile or nodding.

I did my first workshop via zoom and all in all I can say that it wasn’t too bad.

Who else is doing something they Have Never Ever done?

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