Cum and Shower

Cum and Shower

Never Have I Ever…

…had an orgasm while in the shower.

I decided that’s it’s time for another sexy Never Have I Ever post.

I had orgasms in the bathroom before. That’s where a lot of my orgasms happened as I was a teenager. That’s where no one would disturb me and walk in.

Also in the years to come I had quite a few orgasms in bathrooms. The mall, the office, those places. Mostly because it was a task by the dom I was with at that time.

But I have never had an orgasm in the shower. Up until yesterday.

Earlier this year I have discovered the joy of having an orgasm while standing. That was nice and was repeated several times.

So yesterday, as I finally went to have a shower, I brought my little toy with me. The water was running down my body and I concentrated on the sound, the warmth, and the sensation between my legs.

I felt my body tense up and the warmth spreading now also from with in. Cumming made showering even more exciting and relaxing.

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