Play With Me

Play With Me

Never Have I Ever…

…been used like a doll.

To be fair, it’s not something that happened in November, but October is close enough, right?

One evening, we were in bed and the lights were off. There was touching and stuff. If I remember correctly there might have been an orgasm. For me.

Fun doesn’t end with an orgasm or several. Suddenly I found myself lying on my back. He was on top of me and I could feel his cock sliding inside me. I started to moan and pushyself against him, willing to take him all in. That was the moment he said: “Don’t move! Don’t speak! Lie perfectly still, while I use you. You just a doll that I can use for my pleasure whenever I want.”

I did as I was told. I laid there, feeling him fuck me, use me. All I did was breathe and concentrate. Concentrating on not moving, but also concentrating on him and what he was doing.

And also, concentrating on the pleasure I was experiencing. After that night my mind would come back to it more often than I thought it would. Being used by him is always hot and I love it. But that was different. It was more intense.

I didn’t move because I was bound or anything, I didn’t move because he told me not to. He wanted me to be his doll. Used and played with.

I can’t wait to be played with again.

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