Coming and Charging

Coming and Charging

Never Have I Ever…

…had at least one orgasm per day for a month.

Before November started I asked Sir to pause our rule when it comes to orgasms. What we decided together is that I ask permission to have an orgasm. Every now and then I am told to have an orgasm or several.

I didn’t tell Sir what the reason for my request is and he didn’t ask. Up until last Sunday really.

My plan was to have at least one orgasm a day. More, if life allowed it. I had plans on where to have orgasms and then write about. But then I chickened out really. Maybe one day, we’ll see.

Having an orgasm every day. Doesn’t sound too bad and I have to say, it was mostly very nice. The first orgasms were intense. I’m not sure why that was. Was it doing something kind of forbidden or was I just horny and concentrated more on myself. I don’t know.

Sometimes it felt like a chore. I had to force myself. Other time I realised I was alone for a few minutes and should use that time. But all in all, it has been a fun challenge.

Right now I’m up to 40, but there are still a few more days to go. I wonder whether I could make it up to 60, so that I’d have had 2 daily orgasms, on average.

Keep your fingers crossed. I’m going to go and change my womanizer. Something I have been doing a lot this month.

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