Flirt with me

Flirt with me

Never Have I Ever….

…flirted to get out of something.

I thought about this post for a long time. I wanted to write about flirting, because I love flirting. But I wanted to also connect it to Never Have I Ever. Everything I came up with, I already did. I flirted with boys and girls and men and women.

I love flirting. It’s not always about sex for me. It’s something intimite. I flirt with my coworkers. The ones I like. Not in a way that will either of us want to go to bed with the other, but in an innocent kind of way.

I flirt with others. Mostly because it brings a smile to their face and I do my best to never cross a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

I like to think that I found a way to flirt innocently, but with a goal. Suggesting something without really suggesting anything. That works well online.

I remember the days when flirting in person would happen. Eyes meet across the room, lip biting happens, looking away and back. Oh that was nice. But I haven’t done that in years. I miss it in a way.

I wonder. Can one still flirt when in a relationship? And obviously I’m not talking about flirting with someone else. I suspect Michael wouldn’t like that too much and to be honest, I don’t think I’d be thrilled to see him flirt with someone.

But I’m thinking about flirting with the person you’re dating. And I think it’s possible. I guess it is a bit of a different kind of flirting, yet still flirting.

To come back to my first statement. I have never used flirting to get out of a situation

What comes to mind is a speeding ticket or something like that. For me, flirting is fun and exciting and maybe a kink. So using it for something like that seems wrong. But maybe I’ll change my mind once I actually do that.

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