Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

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Never Have I Ever…

…had a Thanksgiving dinner.

That might be because I’m not American. But of course I have seen it on TV and films. I also have local friends here, who are American. Yet, I haven’t attended a Thanksgiving dinner.

Yesterday I was talking to Michael and that topic came up. He told me what he was going to cook and then went on to tell me what he’d make, once we get to have Thanksgiving together. I look forward to that. Especially because I know how much effort he’d put in, so I would be able to eat it.

He also mentioned that during or before dinner, people say what they are thankful for. And just as this month’s prompt for Julie’s blog I find it important to sit back and think for moment about the good things one has.

We often concentrate on what we don’t have, can’t get, are missing. But seeing what we do have can make us realise that we fortunate. In every year, even more so in a crazy year like 2020.

I’m thankful that my family is healthy. I was lucky enough to be able to actually go to work every day. There never was a moment where I was afraid that I’d lose my job and income. And this year has brought me many good things. Sure, I couldn’t do what I had planned. But I got to go away several times, and to be with him.

Although there are many events and people and things I missed this year, i know it’ll be back and I will be complaining about that again. And I look forward to it. But for now, I’m thankful for the good things. And I look forward to having a real Thanksgiving dinner one day.

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