Flying Cakes

Flying Cakes

Never Have I Ever…

…send a cake via mail.

“So, I’m baking”, I wrote.

He asked: “For me?”

I answered: “Sure.”

We do these things. Ask each other whether the other one wants coffee or come back to bed. We are both very well aware of the fact that we are miles apart, but still it’s cute and nice.

I bake. Mostly for other people. So, me baking is not a surprising thing to happen. I had a few things that needed to be baked, and I believe I had told him about at least one cake.

So, while I was baking different things, I also baked a special cake. The special was not so much the ingredients or the filling, but who it was for.

I wanted to bake a cake for him for his birthday. But that didn’t work out, as we were apart. Also, I didn’t have enough time to bake and send it, so it would’ve arrived for his birthday. But I decided its never too late. I had all kinds of ideas. Of course if forgot to pack half the things I planned to. Oh well, I’ll guess there will be another package.

The cake was done and cooled and filled. It took me a while to figure out how to pack it in a way that it would survive the trip to the UK. I got some more stuff I know he likes and went to the post office to send the package. They gave me a number to track it. That was about a week ago.

First it sat at the post office for a day and a half and then all I could see was that it was on its way to the destination of the recipient. That’s what the status was since Saturday.

Yesterday I decided to give up on the cake – mostly because I was nervous whether it was still eatable. I still wanted to write about it and I planned to write this post today, no matter what.

Suddenly he tells me that he received a package. I was very pleased. What pleased me even more was the fact that not only did the cake survived, so did the people who tried it.

It seems my flying cake was a success.

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