You missed a spot

You missed a spot

Never Have I Ever…

really cared how my men wanted my pubic hair to be.

The current No True Way prompt is:


if you’re 40 and up you should not shave your pussy bald!

Now, I’m not 40 and up yet, but that day will come soon enough. But I don’t think my attitude towards what I do with the hair around my pussy will change much.

Yes, of course I want to do things that make the man I am with happy. And I want him to like what he sees. So, I will put on an outfit that plays into fantasies he might have. I will adjust my makeup or colour of my nails. Same is true for my pubic hair. He wants me to be bald? Sure, no problem. He prefers hair? We can do that.

It’s something I have done in the past. And it worked and I was happy with it. For some time. After a while I would see it as a burden. I’d start being less attentive to it. I would go back to what I feel more like doing myself.

“I want you to always be shaved and ready for inspection.” That might arouse me as an idea, but it will get old after a while.

Now, I prefer to be shaven bald. For practical reasons. It’s the fastest way to be done. But when I’m not feeling like it, I won’t shave at all. I might go a few days, weeks without shaving. And I really don’t mind.
Funny thing I realised, in the end, it doens’t really matter whether there is a perfect landing strip or no hair or whatever. If he wants me as a whole person, he won’t care too much.

The point is that I need to feel good about myself and love me the way I am and the way I look.

When I was naked with Michael the first time, I remember that he pointed out, that I missed a spot. That spot was on the backside of my thigh. I first reaction was to ask him whether he now doesn’t want to fuck me anymore. But I didn’t. Back then I was trying to pretend that I didn’t always have a snappy comeback.

To come back to the prompt. I dodn’t see how my age has anything to do with what I wear, how I think or what my pubic hair looks like. Why is 40 the magical number? Does something change over night on my 40’s birthday? Honestly, I feel sad for the person who wrote that. And I really hope that no woman will ever think that her age has any impact on how her pussy should look like.

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