Fuck me, like I’ve never been fucked before

Fuck me, like I’ve never been fucked before

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I love fucking.

I know, we’re all surprised… I love fucking. I love cuddling. I love making love. I love holding hands. I love cock. I could go on and on.

I enjoy fucking or being fucked. It really depends on my mood. And I don’t believe that as a submissive I only get to be fucked. In my experience, even if feeling and being submissive, I can be the one doing the fucking.

The more I think about being fucked, the more I need it. I want to see that look in his eyes, when his cock slides inside me. To feel his hands on my body. If I’m lucky, he’ll choke me and tell me all the bad things, he’ll do to me. Just writing about it makes me smile and wet and needy for a good nice fuck.

Fucking is more than sex. It’s different, it feels different. It’s taking what is needed right there and then. Alright, alright, if I keep on thinking and writing more about fucking, I will need to have an orgasm and maybe a second and third one.

When I started thinking on what to write about for this #KinkOfTheWeek, I realised that the kink for me is not what I described before. Its a different kind of fucking.


As much as I appreciate a good, nice, hot fuck, what really gets to me is a good, nice, hot mindfuck. Seeing how he’s able to get into my head and hit just the right spots.

In contrast to a physical fuck, that leaves you – hopefully – satisfied and exhausted, a good mindfuck lasts. It’s not over after an orgasm. In my experience, if done correctly, a perfect mindfuck leaves you wanting and needing and begging for more.

I have also axperienced mindfucks that only lasted for a short time. I have been messaging with men and they knew just what to say and how to say it. But often enough the excitement and that feeling a good mindfuck gives you faded away after I had an orgasm.

But the mindfucks that lasts is perfect. And I love them!

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