Spank me, if you can

Spank me, if you can

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This week’s prompt for #NoTrueWay is:

Maintenance spankings are necessary

I was really intrigued when I read it. I read a bit up on it and could not decide what I think or how I feel about it.

I will be honest, my first thought and instant reaction was Hell no! But I wanted to understand the concept and why it is something that appeals to others.

Of course I also asked Michael about it and remembered a day where I was in a mood and he said that he thinks I might need a spanking. I asked him why and he said something like it would help me with my mood.
Now that I have had some distance and thought about it, I can see his point. Also reading the posts connected to this promt made me understand what he said better.

I see how for some people it can be a way to let go of all the things that overwhelm us sometimes. It helps to focus on just that one action and come back calmer and maybe even more focused. As I was reading up on this topic, I began to understand the concept much, much better. It does work.

That said, I will come back to review my first reaction. And I come to the conclusion that after much consideration I firmly stand by my first reaction.

I see how it can work and be helpful, but this would not work for me. Not only would it not work for me, it would pretty much have the opposite result. It’s not me. And now as I write about it and imagine receiving “maintenance spankings”, I realise how strongly I feel about it.

Maintenance spankings are definitely NOT necessary for me. Quite the opposite.

But as I was trying to figure out whether, by any chance, I would change my mind, I did realise that there actually it´s one thing Michael does that has a very similiar effect on me.
I instantly become calm and more focused on the moment. From there on I often find it easier to decide what to do next. Whether it’s stopping being a smartass or prioritise what needs to be taken care of in my local life.

And also, I love the feeling I get deep inside, when he asks: “Who do you belong to?”

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