The Joy of Presents

The Joy of Presents

Picture of his gifts taken by Michael

I got him presents. This way there was something waiting for him under the tree. I’ve put in a lot of effort. Most effort went into figuring out how to make sure it’s delivered at his home and delivered on time.

Today he opened them and it seems they are well received. That makes me happy. It made me happy, when the package arrived and he realised I got him presents. I loved that he had to wait a few more days.

I also got him presents last year. There too he wasn’t expecting it. I enjoy surprising him. Whether it’s gifts for Xmas or letters to keep him company while I’m busy or coffee and cake. It really makes me happy.

As I was thinking about his presents today and him opening it, I realised that I was missing something. I wasn’t there to see him open the presents. I couldn’t watch him unwrap it or his expression as he saw what it is.

So I dreamt of One Day. The day when we won’t be apart and I won’t have to figure out how to get a package to him. One Day I will be able to give him the present myself and watch him as he opens it.

It might not be for Xmas, but I’m sure, we can find many other opportunities.

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