I was writing a very different post. It had to do with exciting things. Mostly things that excite me. But then this morning happened.

My Twitter account got suspended. When I open it, it shows me my timeline from pretty much last night and informs me that the account is suspended for the time being.

I have also received an email from Twitter, informing me about the suspension. Apparently my account is in violation of Twitter rules. They even wrote what was against their rules and it seems, it’s my header.

In case you haven’t checked my header lately:

It’s this image. A bit cropped, but one can see the neck and the collar. (I should mention that my Twitter avi, for many, many years has been my spanked bottom – but that doesn’t seem to be an issue.)

Of course I have filled out the form, they wanted me to fill out and also asked what the problem seems to be. But of course I don’t think they will email me anytime soon. And even when my account is working again, I highly doubt I will get any explanation.

Thankfully I had started a NoTrueWay in the summer and had created an account on Twitter just for that. So I can still tweet and interact, but there are people and tweets I’m missing.

I’m any way it’s out of my hands right now and there isn’t much I can do.

I will be here and on my NoTrueWay Twitter account for the time being. So, if you happen to miss me, you can find me there.

And now I will go back to writing about sexy stuff.



  1. Free speech is not protected, as this is a private company, but it does make you wonder though, what the hell is so upsetting about your header? I think their rules are a bit ambiguous. I see porn clips on Twitter every day, but a collar is offensive? Seems like we are going backwards.

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