First Post of the Year

First Post of the Year

I’m sure I have shared my thoughts about new year resolutions and how the 1st of January is pretty much just another day. Why start something new then? Why not April 29th or September 4th?

On the other hand I believe that days like that can be helpful. If I say I do something when I have the time, I might not do it at all, but if I have a fixed time or day the chances of successfully doing it increase.

And because sometimes I do give in to mainstream culture and tradition, and so many things start on the 1st of January, I will submit.

Inspired by Molly, I have decided to participate in 30 days of yoga. Never have I ever done yoga and I’m intrigued. Either I’ll realise that it’s not something I enjoy, as I have thought for many years, or I’ll enjoy it. Either way, I experience something new and is always a good thing.

I will also take part in Violet’s January Jumpstart. Those prompts are always a great motivator for me to post something daily. Whether it’s thoughts, experiences, stories or pictures. I look forward to wiring and sharing.

In addition I want to try and be better in participating in other memes as well as planning ahead with my own meme. I have already started a list for January and right now I’m think of making a schedule. Schedules make it easier for me to keep track of things. And also I really like lists. Maybe, just maybe, someone could assist me in that.

I have other plans and ideas for 2021, but who knows what will be.

This week’s #QuoteQuest fits very well with my plans:

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.

Brad Paisley

There is no way I’ll write something for every day of the year, but I look forward to see what this year will bring. As well as in writing, but also in all the other things in life.

As for the quote…. I agree that we can see the beginning of the year can be good way to start fresh. But I believe that the book has more pages. We don’t miraculously become completely other people. We still have our experiences, our goal, our thoughts. But every new day is a new page. And we can choose what should be on that page.

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