Come, Walk with Me

Come, Walk with Me

The last two weeks of the year were different. With the holidays I would have days off and I also had vacation days. So I knew I’d have free days and nothing to do really.

I had all kinds of plans, but I also know myself. I wanted to take walks and do stuff around the house and so on. Yet, making plans and actuy seeing them through is a very different thing.

I had mentioned it to Michael and to be honest, I’m not sure whose initial idea it was, but I ended up with a schedule.

There was a one hour walk on the list. Same time was to be spend with something around the house. A few more things. It was interesting. I had been craving more control and structure lately and that schedule was to provide just that.

Looking back at those two weeks I have to admit that the schedule really helped me. I made a point of going out each day. I walked around. The biggest motivate was that I got to have a call with Sir at that time.

I wrote more, I read more, I did more. After the two weeks were over we had a talk and decided to continue with the schedule. I’m sure there will busier times again and adjustments to the schedule, but I know that it helps me stay focus of my goals and actually get things done.

My craving to be controlled by Sir is still here and there are ideas and talks about other “experiments” in the future. As for know, I look forward to see my schedule for next week.

And to my daily walks and talks with him.

And yes, that Tuesday, December 22nd, was a Mean Day™

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