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I had decided to participate in Breath – a 30 day yoga journey.

I have never done yoga before and when telling a friend that I was participating, she asked in disbelief: “You? Yoga? No one will believe me, if I’d tell them.”

I listen to the introduction and was annoyed. The calmness and soft voice of Adrienne annoyed me. That is not her flaw, but mine. I find people who are that way very irritating, because I can’t relate to them. Not that I’m always a loud person, but I’m rarely that calm. Who knows, maybe I’m simply jealous.

After watching the introduction, I still decided to give it a try. What was the worst to happen? And I had decided to try new things. If I didn’t like it, I could stop and know that yoga really is not for me. And at the end, there’d be a blog post.

Today was day 6. I have yet managed to participate each day, although not in every exercise. With some I had to pause, some were simply not doable. And a few I modified.

I was extra happy on those days when I felt my sore muscles from the yoga session the day before. I enjoyed the half hour I had to myself.

Today was a not so fun day. I had two rather bad night in a row and didn’t sleep well, or enough. I had a headache today, when I came home. And neither did the medicine, the laying down, nor anything else I tried seem to help. My mood wasn’t too bad, but I was annoyed and didn’t feel like having anyone around and talking to me. I didn’t feel like doing any of my chores or tasks.

For the past days I had done the yoga pretty much right after coming home from work, but today I postponed it and thought about a yoga session before bedtime.

Until I had some time to kill, so I decided why not use it for yoga. I did as Adrienne told me to do, most of the time and as I was finished, I took a moment to just sit.

That was the moment I realised that although the headache was still there, I was feeling better. Calmer or centered or just balanced.

I have to admit, I’m very surprised. I noticed that I was enjoying the session, but I now also feel that they really seem to have an effect on me. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

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