Three Words

Three Words

Being in a LDR is not easy. Not under normal circumstances and even less so for the past 10 months. There are many things we do to make it work. Texts, calls, video calls (although it’s been a while). We also try to make each other part of our day.

So sometimes there are random texts or voice messages with what either of us is going. There’s no rule that I need to let him know that I’m leaving the office, but I like mentioning it to him. This way he becomes part of the thing I’m doing.

Of course there are activities that are rules or reporting them is a rule. One of them is my food. When I have a meal I text him about it and when I can I share a picture. I like that. It makes me more aware of what I eat, but also allows me to see when I eat. That is the point really. As it turns out (I actually already knew that) when I’m busy and have lots to do, I forget that I need to have food. I’m so distracted that I don’t get hungry. Or thirsty.

It was one of those days, several months ago, when one evening I said or tweeted something like “ooops, totally forgot to eat anything today”. He disliked it and decided to have this new rule.

Today I sent him a pic of my lunch. I was at my desk at the office and like on any other day I took a picture of whatever was on my plate. Every time I try to take the photo in a way that a bit of my knee is visible. I started it some time ago, almost by accident. I took the picture and before sending it, I noticed the knee, smiled and knew he’d like it. Yes, he did comment on the knee right away.

As I said, I took a picture and sent it to him. In the corner of the picture my knee and a bit of my skirt were visible. I have to admit, the knee-high boots make it a bit harder to take pictures of my knees. The picture was sent and I began to eat.

After a while he replied. Whenever I do one of my tasks, I get a “good girl”. I love it. There’s something amazing about those word. They always make me smile.

He wrote “my good girl” and I was happy. But there were three more words in that message.

love that skirt

I’ve been thinking about those three words since then. They gave me a very nice feeling, yet I’m not sure why. It’s not uncommon for him to tell me how amazing I am, in all detail. So receiving a compliment is not a rare thing. And let’s be honest, it’s just a skirt – not some hot lingerie or something like that.

After much consideration I came to the conclusion it felt so special, because he doesn’t comment much on my clothes. Not because he doesn’t care, but because it hasn’t much significance.

I’m not missing the pressure of always looking my best. I’m totally ok with the little make-up that I wear, if I decide to wear it. That said, I do like to put on nice clothes and go out and meet friends or apply make-up to highlight my eyes or cheekbones.

When he commented on my skirt, I think, most of all, I was surprised. Pleasently surprised. I smiled, gave that WhatsApp a star, said “Thank you Sir”.

And he’s right, it is a nice skirt.

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