Engage my Mind – or move along

Engage my Mind – or move along

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In life there are two things which are dependable. The pleasures of the flesh and the pleasures of literature.

Sei Shōnagon

I know I have mentioned it before. I love reading. I always have. Well, maybe not always. But I did become more interested in books earlier than many of my friends. I think I have mentioned before that while in High School, I’d ask my class mates what the last book was that they read. And usually the answer was whatever book we had recently read in school.

I have also mentioned before that I was very curious about my body and anything sexual early on. I had my first orgasm very early on and would look at my older brother’s porn magazines while being in my early teen years.

Are those two things connected besides being mentioned in the same quote? For me they are. When I descovered written erotica it was like descovering a new world to me. I used to fantasies, look at pictures or clips or have some of phone sex. But reading erotica allowed me to fantasies, picture myself and read at the same time.

There are so many other connections between the pleasures of the flesh and the pleasures of literature. One can get lost in both. Simply turn one’s mind off and enjoy.

I mean, do t get me wrong. There is the reverse. There definitely is bad literature and bad sex out there. But I have learnt for myself that time is roo valuable to spend it on something I don’t enjoy.

Although I’m willing to give it a try and be open-minded, I will not continue with anything if I’m bored. I have plenty of unread books around the house. I have walked out of movies, never finished TV series and I have told men that I’m bored. Somehow the men where the only one offended. Go figure….

Having a partner who an engage my body and mind like a good book can has always been a dream. A few times I had found someone like that. And I’m happy to say, that is what I found in Michael.

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