The Scent of Him

The Scent of Him

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I love the way he smells. I miss being next to him and taking in a deep breath and with that taking in his scent. I have written about his green shirt before.

By now his green shirt is back in his possession, but I am the proud owner of a much nicer red shirt. And a nice black shirt. The black shirt mostly lives mostly in my closet. But the red shirt is part of my life. I sleep in it, I work out in it. I also own a hideous one, but mostly so that he won’t wear it. (He might be right, when he says, hell soon run out of shirts.)

Obviously it doesn’t smell of him anymore. It did for a while and I loved it. I’d take it out and smell it, but sadly the scent faded away too quick.

I want to feel intoxicated from inhaling the scent of you

Truth Devour

Holding his shirt and inhaling him made the first few days after parting easier. It’s been a while since we’ve been together and I have no idea how long it’ll be until we see each other again.

Scent is interesting. You smell something familiar and suddenly you’re flooded with memories, no matter how much time has passed. You close your eyes and relive those moments again.

Yet at the same time it’s something that fades away so quickly. But that only makes it more valuable. I always hated that after just a few days I could hard notice his scent on his shirt. It was gone too fast.

Now I will let you all on to a secret. Every now and then I read old posts that are tweeted into my timeline. Sometimes it’s the title that gets me interested, other times it’s the image. And often the author of the post is what makes me want to read it. So there are kisses from the past that I see every now and then. And a few sparked my interest.

One of those posts was on a very similar topic as his one. His shirts. And read how the author, let’s call her Molly, enjoys smelling his shirts and how she takes in his scent. She describes taking his shirt out of the plastic bag and putting it back in it. And all I can think is: “Why didn’t I think of that? That’s genius.”

So now it seems I’m in the need of a new shirt. Put nicely in a plastic bag and send to me. I think this time I’d like a blue or maybe black.

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