NTW #18

NTW #18

As in the previous NTW prompt, this week’s was inspired by the same Twitter person.

Stop “trying” to be a good sub…because that’s focusing on “you”…
Focus on Him…
His needs, His wants, His desires…
And everything will fall into place

This is the way he wrote it. Of course it can be adjusted, because I really don’t like assuming that the dominant partner is always male. Or the submissive always female. Or that they need to be of different genders.
And as a side note: I use the quotation marks the way he did. If anyone wants to enlighten me, why he used them on the words he did, please do.

Should the submissive be more focused on the dominant’s needs?

Is letting go of the idea of being a good sub the way to actually becoming just that?

How can the dominant encourge the submissive to focus more on him/her?

Whose needs are more important?

How does that work within your dynamic?

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