NTW #20

NTW #20

Within the past two weeks we read different takes on dominants and the word please. Go back and read them!

I had some busy weeks and did my NTW research whenever I got a chance (and remembered). One of the screenshots I took as a potential prompt brought me to another website, which most likely will cause many more NTW prompts.
Here’s the first one:

A submissive knows that they should learn to control their tongue when annoyed with their dominant.

To be fair, I rephrased that. As the original read:
A submissive wife knows that she should learn to control her tongue when annoyed with her husband.

I wanted to be more inclusive. Not all d/s couples are married. It’s not always the woman/wife, who is submissive. And obviously there are plenty of same-sex relationship in the d/s world.

How does this make you feel?

Do submissives know that they should control their tongue ?

Do they need to be trained to do that?

Are there ways to express being annoyed in a respectful manner?

Do you want your submissive to behave that way?

Does that sound like a heathy kind of relationship?

What about dominants, who are annoyed with their submissives?

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  1. Of course, the ideal option is when no one annoys anyone and everyone knows how to express their thoughts clearly and without unnecessary emotions. But there are three options. Or the person is naturally calm. Or it takes a long time to learn. Or you need to change your partner to one who does not annoy.

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