Don’t Speak…

Don’t Speak…

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I know that I’m the one to pick the prompts. But this one is touching a special place. I kept reading it back and every time it irritated me as much as the time before.

A submissive knows that they should learn to control their tongue when annoyed with their dominant.

Where do I start with this one?

I tried imagining doing just as it said. Whenever Michael annoys me, I would try to center myself, take a deep breath and then go on with being a good little submissive. I would simply let it go, knowing it is not my place. I can totally see that happening – once hell freezes over.

Don’t get me wrong. I have been in relationships where I wouldn’t speak up or when I did, it was made clear that I’m overreacting or that it’s simply not my place. Needless to say, those relationships didn’t last too long.

Yes, I get annoying with Michael. I like to think that I have a superpower, which allows me to get annoyed with him at the most inconvenient time. No, let me rephrase that. I get annoyed when I get annoyed. But I often decide to speak up at a rather bad time. Like right before I go to sleep.

Since I posted the prompt and read his thoughts on the matter, I tried to actually speak up sooner and not allow myself to get worked up about whatever it was that was annoying.

What he writes is true. Sometimes I’m not really annoyed. It might be a misunderstanding or a bad mood or simply dropping. And then, two days later, if not next morning, everything looks different and I’m happy I didn’t say anything.

But, as he is pointing out, he is not a mind reader. Most of the time. Because sometimes he is. Then he is able to say exactly what is going on in my mind or do to me what I’m craving. Michael is really good at it. Him being that good often makes me forget that subtle hints aren’t enough. I’m the same way. At times I clearly understand the subtext (pun intended) and at other times he has to explain what he wants, needs, means and I wonder how that wasn’t clear to me.

Back to the prompt.

It might be true for others. I know I couldn’t control my tongue when annoyed. Or at other times. It’s often my tongue that gets me in trouble – or the words I type. If I’d try to control it, it would work for a while. But I’d start to be unhappy and in the end there’d be an outburst and all the annoyance and upset would come up.

I’m not made to be a submissive as described in the prompt. Luckily I found someone, with whom I don’t even need to try.

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