Suspended 2.0

Suspended 2.0

Remember when my Twitter account got suspended a couple of months ago? Things happened since then.

It got suspended and I moved to the NoTrueWay account for the time being. I was waiting for an explanation what was so offensive about my neck-and-collar-header. After months of waiting, I finally received an email. It said the my account would be deleted for good.

As before, they explained I broke Twitter rules, especially the ones about spiteful and sensitive content. Yeah…. I was sad, what can I say? I had that account for over a decade.

Luckily, just half a year earlier, I had stated a second account for my NoTrueWay prompt. There I had already found followers and interacted with them. I moved to that account, while I waited for a decision. Once I knew, there was no going back to my original account, I played around with a thought for a while. With disastrous consequences.

I changed the accounts name and avi and bio. And because my mouth and actions often get me into trouble, that’s just what happened here. Within hours this account had been suspended as well. They aren’t as stupid as I had hoped. What followed wasn’t pretty. I had a bit of a meltdown. There were many tears and late night call with Michael. Many more tears and sobbing.

I knew I liked my life on Twitter, but I had no idea it was that important to me. It does make sense though. I get to me a part of myself that I can’t be in my every day life. I need the exchange, the community, the people.

Because Michael is wonderful, he found a way for me to be back. Starting from scratch, trying to find the people I loved following. It’ll be a lot of work and I will do my best and behave this time.

Come and find me. I miss you all!


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