Part I – Where are my Panties?

Part I – Where are my Panties?

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“Good morning my love”, I head him say as I refused to open my eyes. I felt like I had just gone to bed. It only starting to get light outside and all I wanted was to roll over and get some more sleep. On the other hand, I knew I had to get to work. It was the smell of coffee that convinced me to open my eyes.

“Good morning Sir”, I replied and smiled. “Why don’t you come back to bed with me, and I call in sick, so we can spend all day together?” I knew it wouldn’t work, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. “Come on, time to get up and start the day”, was his reply as he smiled down at me. For a second I thought I saw a hint of that evil smile he has, when he’s planning something, but it was gone the next moment. I probably wasn’t awake enough yet and it was wishful thinking.

I made my way through the flat, with my coffee in my hand, wondering what needed to be done before heading off to work. As I brushed my hair, I was trying to put together that day’s outfit in my head. “Any idea what the weather is gonna be like?” All I got back was: “Don’t worry! I picked out something for you to wear.”

Just like before, I noticed the slightest hit of an evil tone in his voice. That moment I knew, I hadn’t been mistaken. He was planning something. “Will you enlighten me on what I should wear, or should I just go in my PJs?” Not having any idea what was going to happen was making me a bit snappy. “It’s all on the bed, my little slut.” There it was again, undeniable, that evil tone mixed with him being very happy with himself and his plan. I turned to the bed and indeed there were clothes. It had been getting warmer in the past weeks, so I found a nice summer skirt, a matching shirt, a jacket for the morning and a bra.

“It seems, the panties are missing!” I shout, not knowing where he was or what he was doing. “Don’t you worry about the panties, just get dressed.” I did as I was told, but got ready to have a talk about the fact that the mornings were still too chilly to not wear panties. Finally, I was dressed and came into the kitchen to place my coffee cup into the sink. There he was, cutting up some vegetables and fruit for me to bring to work. “So, the panties…” I started and stopped the second he looked up and I saw the look in his eyes. “I told you not to worry about the panties, didn’t I?”

“Didn’t I?” It took me a second to realise that he was actually waiting for an answer. “But…” Again that look. “Didn’t I?” – “Yeah, you did.” He looked at me baffled: “How else could you answer that question, my little slut?” Don’t poke the bear, I thought, as I answered: “Hm, I could’ve said: I guess so.” At least I got through that without grinning. “I mean, I do have panties for you to wear, but if you don’t want them…” – “Fine, fine, fine.” – “Still, not quite the answer I was look for. Come on, one more try.” For a second there was an inner battle, but then I said: “Yes, you did, Sir.”

“See, wasn’t that hard.” He came around and handed me the box with my lunch. “Let me help you into your panties”, I heard as he kneeled down and made me step into the panties one foot at a time. I lifted my skirt, as he rose, pulling the panties up. The moment they were in place I felt a cold wetness and his hand rubbing the panties into my pussy. He saw the surprise in my eyes: “I want you to think of me while at work. And I decided that my cum in your panties, against that sweet pussy of yours, will do the trick. Also, you should pack your vibe, you might need it today.” He handed me the vibe, watched me put on my shoes and grab my bag.

As I was heading out the door, he gave me a little kiss and whispered: “Oh, and by the way: Welcome to Mean Day, cunt.”

To be continued…


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