Not a Sex Slave – Yet a Good Girl

Not a Sex Slave – Yet a Good Girl

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A good girl is always available

Isn’t that every man’s dream?

We all know what is implied, right? It’s all about sex. The idea that your partner or whatever you want to call that person is always available for sex. Whenever you’re in the mood, you say the words or snap your fingers and there they are. Ready. Wet. Hard. Whatever it is that you need.

I have met several people, men really, who thought what d/s essentially is. I remember that one guy specifically. We were talking and revealed the whole d/s thing and my submissive side to him. At some point he then asked: “So you’d be my sex slave? Whenever I want, I will tell you where to meet and I can fuck you?” In his defence, he had no concept of d/s or anything connected to it.

If you’re not into that lifestyle and/or don’t do a lot of research, read, talk to people, you probably won’t understand. If all you do is read 50 Shades and similar books, you most likely will not get the idea.

Needless to say that, while I liked that guy, he couldn’t give me what I wanted or needed. But, now that I think about it, just like that for that guy, d/s for me was primary connected to sex or sexual acts. That has it’s roots in when and with whom I explored it in the past. And it has still an impact on me today. I assume that might be the reason why 24/7 is something I can’t imagine for myself. But I’m deviating.

A good girl is always available

I know it’s not true for me. Never was, never will be. If I’m not in the mood, I’m not in the mood. I’ll be honest, I might be willing to have sex so that I have my peace. But in an ideal world, my partner wouldn’t want to fuck me, if I was just doing it for them. In my understanding it is a grey area and I’m not sure whether it still would be considered consensual, if I’m letting it happen while not really wanting it.

Obviously there is no true way and not only one right way. To be honest, I was really excited that Brigit had written a post for this NoTrueWay prompt. It was so not what I expected and it took me a long time to sort my thoughts and feelings.

After thinking about the prompt for a longer time than I planned, I have decided that I am a good girl. I am awalys available. Not for sex, mind you. But for my partner I’m always available for support, love, hugs, discussions, opinion, talks, and so much more.

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  1. It is awesome to see varied perspectives on the same concepts. It’s one of the reasons I run a meme myself. I learn from other’s views, especially when they are new to me or not the way I would have answered. I definitely see your side on this, and Mr. D is good at reading my body language. He doesn’t usually ask me to do things when I look “out of the mood.” But there have been times when He pushed me anyway, because He can be a bit sadistic, and I have given prior consent through our agreements. I always have my safeword, though, and that’s what makes it different from just forcing me to do something I dont want to do.
    This was a good prompt…and it really made me think.🙂

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