NTW #24

NTW #24

NoTrueWay #23 didn’t get too much attention, but there are some interesting posts to read.

Once again I was browsing through Twitter, as I saw suggestions whom to follow. I looked at some of the peole and one name jumped out. It was something like “the true dom” and had a describtion about how exerienced that person is in the BDSM lifestyle. Profiles like that always make good NoTrueWay prompts and I was not disappointed.
He had shared a picture of a woman in all kinds of different positions and each position had a name. Here’s an example on Wikipedia.
He added the following sentence to the picture:

Every submissive should know their positions, so they can please their Master when needed.

Are positions an important part of d/s?

Do you feel more connected to your submission when in a position?

Is it important for you to teach your submissive these position?

Are some position universal in d/s or m/s?

Read the rules, grab the code, share your thoughts and add your link below.

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