Switching Back and Forth

Switching Back and Forth

A switch is not a real dom/sub

Such a short sentence, and so much wrong with it…

I could probably write a series of posts on the idea of “real” or “true” doms and subs. Whichever way you decide to live out your desire, makes it true. And very real. What works for one person, might not work for the next. And wouldn’t it be boring, if we were all the same? But that is off topic.

As for the switch.
Sadly I don’t have a lot of experience in switching or just being dominant in the d/s context. In 2019 there was an attempt. I had come back to Twitter and reconnected with some old Twitter friends. One of them a man somewhere in the area. It was nice seeing people I missed. From the talking and chatching up a bit more develepoed. Long story short, I actually got to try out being the dominant part.

And I’m not gonna lie to you. I liked it. I enjoyed having the control and the power over another person. It was a lot of fun seeing how he reacts, what he’ll do and what not.
At the same time it was challenging. After many years and many men, I found myself in a totally new place. I believe that the years of being the submissive partner helped me, but it was a very new experience for me.
If it had happened at a different time, or life hadn’t turned out the way it did, I might’ve done more, tried out more. I was far away from finding dominant self. But I know it is there.

Now, does knowing that some part of me is dominant make me a worse submissive? Do I stop being submissive? Of course not. I don’t see why I can’t be both. Maybe that question never crossed my mind, because I already switch from being dominant to being submissive and back. As I have mentioned many times before: I am submissive to my dom – most of the time. But at the same time I can be very dominant. Especially at work.
So I never saw the problem which the current NoTrueWay prompt quote.

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