Assume Your Position

Assume Your Position

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Every submissive should know their positions, so they can please their Master when needed.

So, I used to dated

that guy… I feel like a lot of my NoTrueWay posts could start that way. Or actually do.

Way back when I actually started seeing German speaking doms, I met that guy. He was a little bit experienced in d/s and needless to say it didn’t last very long. But it was nice and I think just what I needed. Anyhow, he sent me a link to positions. And he gave me a tasks. I think I was begging him for tasks.

The task was for me to learn the positions and the names and practise them every day. And the good girl I was back then, I did. Now, years ago I can tell you for certain, I do not remember any of them. I mean, I remember some of the position, but I couldn’t name any of them.

Looking back, I had hoped that task had a purpose, but I’m afraid it didn’t. In my memory it was one of the last tasks I got, before not ever seeing him again. Not as my dom anyway. As for the positions, I did them and practiced them, because I was craving so many things. Looking back today and for some time, I can see how it’s not something I would’ve enjoyed long term. Just like with high protocol, it’s exciting for a change, but nothing I’d be happy with in the long run.

When I talked to Michael about this meme, pointed out that knowing and practicing positions would give me structure. I had said before that I like structure. But I disagreed. It has no influence in my daily life. Neither local life nor d/s. If he wants me to kneel, I will kneel. If he wants me to stand in front of him, with my legs apart and inspect me, he will tell.

And to be honest, I will not remember the positions names, ever. That’ll just get me frustrated and resent it.

Around the time I had said guy in my life, I met a man on Twitter. He was nice and we got along really well. We met in my town and I even went to meet him and his lovely wife. There was a moment, we were sitting on the sofa. He turned to his wife, looked at her and told her to go to the bed room and to assume her position. It wasn’t any of the positions mentioned in the meme, but for me it’s connected.

I often think back to that moment. And every time, I find it as hot as when I heard it the first time.

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