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A few months ago one of the social media apps, I have on my phone, made a noise. I was told that I had a new follower. I went to see who it is. While I have been on Facebook for a long time and am no stranger to Twitter (even if my profile says something different), I have also joined other forms of social media. I am vanilla on all of them, except Twitter.
One of those plattform informed me of a new follower.

I opened the app, to check the person out and the first thing I say was this picture:

couple playing sexual games- man's finger in submissive's mouth

For a second I was confused, because I was sure it wasn’t Twitter, yet that image is something I expect to find there. It took me a while to realise that a person with a clear BDSM related picture was now following me. Yes, I paniced. Did someone I only know as Lilly find one of my vanilla accounts? I calmed myself down and decided to check them out.
It turns out, they also followed some other female friends, and many other women.

So I did the sensible thing and asked them whether I knew them. We talked a bit, and I’m pretty sure, I haven’t ever met them or talked to them before. They still follow me, but we rarely interract. When I saw the picture for the current Lustitude, my mind went to that person right away. It made me feel uncomfortable. I have seen the image used by other people as profile pictures on Twitter and things like that, but the idea of being inspired by it to write something sexy was a bit awkward.

The idea of the image is definitely something that can inspire a story or sexy thoughts or a nice memory. But in combination with that person, there was no way that would happen. It took me a while to decide whether I’d write anything. And while it’s not a sexy post, it’s something that I had on my mind.

Why was I was uncomfortable to use this image for inspiration?
I felt that my personal space was invaded. My vanilla life and my d/s life collided. Even if it was only known to me, it felt like it happened without me having a word in it.

While I sit and write this, I wish I wouldn’t give an image that power over myself, but it is as it is. So I share my thoughts and look forward to the next Lustitude prompt.

Who was inspired by the image:


  1. I can see why this would have been an uncomfortable moment. Feeling like maybe you were or could be “outed” from your kinky world to your vanilla world could have been a bit scary! Thanks for taking the plunge and joining the Meme anyway!

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