Daddy’s Girl

Daddy’s Girl

One of today’s task is to write 288 words on why I need a Daddy. That is a topic which has been on my mind for many years. Not always present, but I kept getting back to it. I asked for permission to write a post instead, with more words, and obviously that permission was given.

I do wonder every now and then, why I am a Daddy’s Girl. It’s a nature vs nurture thing. Is it something that I would’ve realised about myself at some point or have other things been an influence?

My first dom was a DaddyDom. He had it in his name when I met him online and started talking to him. I doubt that was what caught my attention. But to be honest, I don’t remember what it was. But what happened is that we started talking and and chatting and thus my journey into real life d/s began. So my first real steps into the lifestyle were accompanied by “yes Daddy”, “may I Daddy”, “I love you Daddy” etc.

If that wouldn’t have been the case, would I still identify as a Daddy’s Girl? As much as I think about it and try to figure out, I’m unsure. I guess for some people it’s crystal clear, sadly I’m not one of them.

I switch between submissive “roles”. I don’t see myself as a “little one”. I tried that. I exchanged thoughts and ideas with those who are, and came to realise that it’s not me. I don’t do colouring book and pink glittery scrunchies. (Sorry for the stereotype here.) I went back on my blog to read what I had written in the past on this topic. And I found pretty much the same thoughts.

If I continue thinking in stereotypes, explaining it becomes easier. A DaddyDom would have a softer side. He’s carrying and protective. But why shouldn’t that be true for a “regular” dom? If I had to describe my perfect dom, I’d use all those qualities, plus a few more. I want him to be strict and loving. I want him to correct and guide me, and care for me and snuggle with me.

The lines are blurry, in my opinion. And while all the characteristic that fit on a DaddyDom type dominant can also be true for a “normal” one, saying “Fuck me Daddy” might freak him out. That is probably the point.

The taboo. Just like with many other things, which are wrong in real life, this can be extremely hot. Seeing the look in his eyes, feeling his cock harden, and hearing the noises he makes when I say just that, is so very hot.

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