The difference between a submissives and slave are limits.

Slaves don’t have limits.

As I have mentioned when I introduced the prompt. I have actually heard or read that very same thing. Names and titles can be so condusing. Especially when you’re new to something. Just as I was back when I wondered what the difference between a submissive and a slave was.

From that answer, but many other encounters and observations made me think that there are different steps one takes. And the ideal is to be a slave. One evolves, until reaching one’s full potential by becoming a slave. Being a submissive is good, but you’re not perfect.

As stupid as this sounds to me now, that is what I was presented with.
“Are you just a submissive? Or are you a slave?” That sounded to me like: Are you still playing around or are you actually being serious?

I did what the only right thing to do is. I tried my best to find out more and understand what being a slave means. That was the moment I realised it’s complicated. From what I read I couldn’t figure out how they were different. I ended up asking a man, who identified as dominant. His explanation was the quote used for the prompt.
That sounded weird. How could having no limits be the ideal? Why was that desirable? I didn’t understand it. All I knew was that I could never do that.
It made me wonder about why I wanted, what I could be.

Looking back today I understand this statement is not true. Limits are not what is the difference between a slave and a submissive. And while I might still not be able to understand the difference, I wonder whether it’s maybe just names and titles.
I am who and what I am, no matter what I call myself.

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