Are You Watching Me?

Are You Watching Me?

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Image provided by Lustitde for the surrent prompt

Nora shut the door behind her and kicked off her shoes. As she put her handbag down with the hand she was carrying it, she took the mask off with the other and hung it next to the keys. It had been a long and full day at the office, but truth to be told it was nice to be back there and not doing the home office thing anymore. If she was completely honest, she even enjoyed seeing her colleagues and boss.

“I need a glass of water”, she thought to herself and went to the kitchen to get excatly that. With her glass Nora moved to the living room, sat down on the couch, and opened up her laptop. While sipping her water, she browsed through her personal emails. A little smile appeared on her face. She knew excatly what would make her relax and forget the day’s stress.

She opened another tab and typed in the first letters of that one website she enjoyed most. Right away she was a bit overwhelmed. What was she in the mood for? Threesome or some BDSM? Schoolgirl/teacher or some risky sex outside? Usually it wasn’t hard for her to decide, but today she couldn’t decide right away. All that was left was scrolling through the suggestions, watch the preview and be inspired that way.

The first page had nothing that caught Nora’s attention, neither did the 2nd. But the 3rd seemed to be more promising, but she still couldn’t decide. Just as she was about to press the “next page” button, one video caught her attention. A little laugh escaped her mouth. She couldn’t make out the guy in the preview, but he made her think of her boyfriend. Nora bit her lip as she chose that video. A new page opened and she pressed play.

A woman, wearing a tank top and lace panties, appeared on the screen. She was on top of a guy, in a livingroom, on a sofa. Her dark hair was moving as she kissed him. His hands ran down her back and Nora heard both of them moan. He was already naked and after more making out he began taking off the woman’s tank top. As soon as it was off, he burried his face in her breasts, kissing, sucking. Nora loved when her boyfriend did that to her. His tongue always felt so good on her nipples. Her hand began unbuttoning her shirt and reached into her bra. Nora’s fingers circled her erect nipples. Why was watching those two so arousing?

Nora felt her cunt getting wetter by the second and got up to get out of the trousers, all without taking her eyes off the screen. The woman on the screen was standing as well and he was helping her step out of her panties, not stopping kissing her. Now that both were naked, the woman pushed the guy back and slowly got back on top. His hard cock slid inside her and both moaned.

Nora’s fingers were circling her clit and dipping into the wetness of her cunt when suddenly she froze. The woman in the video looked right into the camera and smiled. A satisfied smile, showing how good it all felt. Nora felt as if the woman was looking right at her. There was something evilish in her eyes. That was the moment Nora eyes moved from the woman and landed on the man. His eyes were closed, his hands moved all over the woman’s body, his mouth slightly open as he moaned.

He had reminded Nora of her boyfriend, because it really was him. Nora couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. She couldn’t stop watching her boyfriend fuck another woman. Thoughts raced through her head.
“When did that happen?”
“Why didn’t he ever tell her about it?”
“Was that video made before they started dating?”
“Who is that woman?”

While she was trying to make sense of it all, Nora realised that her fingers had began to play with her clit again. She was watching her boyfriend’s cock slide in and out of another woman and was getting more and more aroused. Her fingers moved faster and faster until Nora exploded into a powerful orgasm. She cried out and fell back, trying to catch her breath. Her eyes were still on the screen, as her heartbeat slowed down.

After what felt like hours, Nora took a deep breath and got her phone. She copied the address to the video into a text to her boyfriend and added:

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