NTW #26

NTW #26

Have you read what people think of postitions? If you haven’t, you should…

Here’s another piece of theory that I came across on my journey in d/s.
It’s one of the things I didn’t read anywhere, but was told by a person. Oral sex can be tricky and not everyone enjoys it. Giving or receiving. How’s does the d/s lifestyle look at it? What are different approaches and ideas out there?
Here’s one that I was told, in my slutty year of 2019:

I love going down on a woman/man, but I’d never go down on my sub

Is it a “domly” thing to do?

Isn’t going down on another person a submissive act?

How do you feel, when your dom/me gives you oral sex?

Is there a difference between a sub and a normal person when it comes to something like that?

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