Dinner is Served

Dinner is Served

When I look for NTW inspiration, I go through Twitter and websites which make me frustrated and angry. But sometimes I come across something that reminds he of ideas said to me. Like hat one:

I love going down on a woman/man, but I’d never go down on my sub

In the summer of 2019 I had been writing back an forth with a guy and I began to really like him. We had finally decided to meet and had a lovely later afternoon together. After that, everything went wrong.

The details are irrelevant, but not too long after I found myself at his place. We made out, there were some kinky moments. I’m pretty sure I had his cock in my mouth at some point. I can’t remember the exact moment I was told that nonsense, but it was definitely that evening.

Looking back there were so many red flags, but that one really stuck with me. He said that and my thought was: Eh? What?

Later that evening, as I was on my way home, all tha happened was going through my head. But that sentence stood out. I’ve been with men who didn’t like it. That’s fair. Sad, but I understand. And I’m sure he was not the first man to identify as dominant, whose mouth never even came close to my pussy. (Thinking about it I realise that it seem still be a wide spread idea.) But stating that clearly, I didn’t expect it.

Obviously the guy and I didn’t work out and boy am I glad about it. His reluctance to lick my pussy would not have been the crucial point of this potential relationship to fail, I believe, but it would’ve added to my frustration.

As I write this post, I realise how much I enjoy someone’s lips and tongue on my pussy. I wouldn’t want to miss it. That, paired with the idea of me not deserving it because I’m a sub is what would be a deal breaker for me.

Did I ever tell you about my first in person orgasm with Michael? Wanna take a wild guess what caused it?

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