Happy Birthday NoTrueWay

Happy Birthday NoTrueWay

Today a year ago the first NoTrueWay prompt was published.

I have never run a prompt before and looking back, I should’ve gotten some more information before and planned ahead a bit more. But I was excited. I had an idea and really wanted to make it happen.
After a few weeks I wasn’t sure I’d find enough ideas to use for the bi-weekly prompt. Today I’m surprised to say that I did.

It started pretty good. But I didn’t realise that I’d need to put in more work than I first expected. Obviously it’s more than just create a meme every other week. It’s comments, it’s reading, it’s promoting the prompt.
I started the NoTrueWay a few months after a huge disruption in the sex blog universe. Without me really choosing sides, I found myself on one side. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy where I am and “whose side I’m on”.
While in the beginning I still had people who’d submit their thought, eventhough they associated with people who had blocked me a while ago, I noticed their contribution became less and less. Until it stopped all together.

And in the end, what didn’t help was the whole Twitter debacle. My Twitter account which I had for over 10 years was suspended and the NoTrueWay account followed shortly. Now I have an account with about 160 followers (whereas I had over 1.000 on the old account and about 600 on the NoTrueWay account). While I can whine about it some more, I decided not to. Such is life and sometimes one has to start over.

Where do I go after the year with NoTrueWay?

I’ll be honest. I’m still very unsure whether I should continue. I have a new prompt ready do be published tomorrow, but I have yet to decide whether I’ll continue.
Maybe I need to change something. I will give myself 24 hours to decide and then, I guess, we’ll see.

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  1. Casual reader, sometime commenter. No True Way is a good meme sorry I haven’t been as avid a reader as I would have liked. I enjoyed the prompts and comments. Different perspectives on a concept help solidify our own ideals and values. Or open us up to new ways. Thank you for this service. If it continues I will try to be more consistent follower.

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