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I brush my teeth and change into pyjamas. It’s a hot night, so all I’m wearing are shorts and a tank top. Knowing myself, I will probably wake up naked.

I had put clean sheets on the bed and enjoy that wonderful feeling as I lay down. With my book in my hand, I position myself to read a few pages, before falling asleep. Yet, after a while on the same page I realise, I was just starring at the words, but not reading them. So I put the book away, turn off the lights and get ready to fall asleep.

Several minutes pass. I’m still wide awake, with my mind working on projects from work and to-do-list for home. My fingers know what to do before I fully realise it.

I feel my nipples getting hard, because my body is aware of what’s going to happen. I play with the nipples, circling them, enjoying how sensitive they get, when I’m aroused. I smile. I don’t want to wait any longer and my right hand slides inside my shorts.

My legs part and I caress my pussy lips. My index brushes against my clit and a small moan escapes my mouth. I dip the inside. I’m already getting nice and moist. The finger twirls around and goes back to the clit. The shorts come off, as they’re just in the way. My left hand joins the right now and the lips are parted.

My clit is exposed some more and the index finger circles around and on it. Slowly getting faster. Dipping back into the now wet hole and coming right back to the clit.

I breath faster, my eyes are closed. Images and ideas appear before inner eye and I bite my lip as I settle for the fantasy I will play out in my head tonight.

It’s still a way to go and I wonder whether tonight my fingers will be sufficient or one of my vibes will be needed. Within a second I decide to give my fingers a chance and switch back to my fantasy.

My finger works very fast now and I can almost feel my orgasm. I need a bit more time, but I know I will be there soon. Circling and dipping, circling and dipping. Just a little bit more. I’m on the verge my orgasm.

And there it is. My legs shake as they come together, pushing my hand on my clit. A warmth spreads throughout my body and I try to catch my breath. That was a good one, I think to myself and smile about my words.

Maybe I can start off tomorrow with another one. But that should be quick. I wonder, if my favourite vibe is charged, as I fall asleep.

The only shame in masturbation is the shame of not doing it well.

Sigmund Freud

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